Python – Installing NumPy via Anaconda in Windows


I am trying to use Numpy in a Python 2.7.8 script in Windows. So, I download and installed the latest version of Anaconda (I also want to use some of the other tools in Anaconda) to the directory "C:/Anaconda". As default, I checked the boxing asking me if I wanted to add the path to the binary files to the Windows PATH.

After checking PATH, it contains the following: "C:\Anaconda;C:\Anaconda\Scripts".

Then, after installation I open a new Command Prompt, and in the Python envirnoment, I enter "import numpy", but this gives the error: "ImportError: No module named numpy".

What stage have I missed out in the installation process?

***** EDIT *****

I have just noticed that there is no file called "numpy" in either "C:\Anaconda" or "C:\Anaconda\Scripts". But according to the Anaconda website (, the installation should come with Numpy…

***** EDIT *****

It seems that Windows was running Python from an existing version of Python I had installed, which was not associated with NumPy. After deleting this, and running Python from the Anaconda installation, NumPy is now being recognised.

Best Answer

I had the same problem, getting the message "ImportError: No module named numpy".

I'm also using anaconda and found out that I needed to add numpy to the ENV I was using. You can check the packages you have in your environment with the command:

conda list

So, when I used that command, numpy was not displayed. If that is your case, you just have to add it, with the command:

conda install numpy

After I did that, the error with the import numpy was gone