Reactjs – Callback when DOM is loaded in react.js


I want to have a callback invoked on my react.js component when its DOM element (including all child nodes) is actually loaded on the page and ready. Specifically, I have two components that I want to render the same size, choosing the maximum of whichever component has the larger natural size.

It looks like componentDidMount is not really what I want because it is only called once per component, but I want my callback to be called again anytime the component is finished rendering. I thought I could add an onLoad event to the top level DOM element, but I guess that only applies for certain elements, like <body> and <img>.

Best Answer

Add onload listener in componentDidMount

class Comp1 extends React.Component {
 constructor(props) {
    this.handleLoad = this.handleLoad.bind(this);

 componentDidMount() {
    window.addEventListener('load', this.handleLoad);

 componentWillUnmount() { 
   window.removeEventListener('load', this.handleLoad)  

 handleLoad() {
  $("myclass") //  $ is available here
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