Sql – How to find duplicate records in PostgreSQL


I have a PostgreSQL database table called "user_links" which currently allows the following duplicate fields:

year, user_id, sid, cid

The unique constraint is currently the first field called "id", however I am now looking to add a constraint to make sure the year, user_id, sid and cid are all unique but I cannot apply the constraint because duplicate values already exist which violate this constraint.

Is there a way to find all duplicates?

Best Answer

The basic idea will be using a nested query with count aggregation:

select * from yourTable ou
where (select count(*) from yourTable inr
where inr.sid = ou.sid) > 1

You can adjust the where clause in the inner query to narrow the search.

There is another good solution for that mentioned in the comments, (but not everyone reads them):

select Column1, Column2, count(*)
from yourTable
group by Column1, Column2
HAVING count(*) > 1

Or shorter:

SELECT (yourTable.*)::text, count(*)
FROM yourTable
GROUP BY yourTable.*
HAVING count(*) > 1
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