Swift How to remove optional String Character


How do I remove Optional Character

let color = colorChoiceSegmentedControl.titleForSegmentAtIndex(colorChoiceSegmentedControl.selectedSegmentIndex)

println(color) // Optional("Red")

let imageURLString = "http://hahaha.com/ha.php?color=\(color)"

I just want output "http://hahaha.com/ha.php?color=Red"

How can I do?


Best Answer

Actually when you define any variable as a optional then you need to unwrap that optional value. To fix this problem either you have to declare variable as non option or put !(exclamation) mark behind the variable to unwrap the option value.

var temp : String? // This is an optional.
temp = "I am a programer"                
print(temp) // Optional("I am a programer")

var temp1 : String! // This is not optional.
temp1 = "I am a programer"
print(temp1) // "I am a programer"