Ubuntu – 16.10 upgrade – windows scroll in reverse direction

16.10gnomemouse scroll

I just upgraded from Ubuntu GNOME 16.04 to 16.10 and the window scroll direction (mouse wheel) is reversed. Up is down and down is up. Wonder 1) is this a know issue and 2) is there a way to correct it?


Best Answer

  • This is a feature called natural scrolling. It is designed to make scrolling more intuitive when you are scrolling with your finger. Mac OS devices, and the touch screens on smartphones and tablets, scroll this way, but traditional desktops, including MS Windows, scroll the other way.

    Ubuntu has been offering natural scrolling for touchpad devices for a while. There is a setting for it:

    On some versions this option is instead called "Content sticks to fingers" (this is not very intuitive!):

    However, since you are using a mouse and not a trackpad, I'm not 100% sure this setting will work or be available, in which case the detailed response in this question should help.