Ubuntu – 16GB pen drive showing 2MB space after formatting on windows 7


I burned Ubuntu 14.04 image on 16GB pen drive on laptop having ubuntu.

Now when I inserted this pen drive it showed 2MB free space without recognising any other space.

I formatted pen drive on windows 7 PC.

Now after I rebooted my computer and tried to boot from pen drive, i was able to install ubuntu on my dekstop.

now my problem is that now also it is showing 2MB free space.

After using the disks utility I get the following displayed :


How can I recover my 16 GB free space ??

Please Help !!

Best Answer

You have to remove partition 1 and system Partition 2 ;

Then you can create a new 16GB partition and format it as you like

Don't you see that there is a 16GB free space unformatted at the end