Ubuntu – 19.10: Does gvfsd-admin require authentication


I have a mysql 8 running on an ubuntu 19.10 on a desktop computer (a new think station).

Computer has a dual boot and two SSD hard drives (500gb and 1TB), both of then partitioned. In the small one I have the OSs and the big one is reserved to data. In the small one Ubuntu has like less than 200gb and in the big one a little bit less than 600gb. Root / is the 200gb while /home is the 600gb.

I moved the mysql storage to /home/data/mysql so I don't run out of space since I'm going to load a good chuck of data (~100gb 500 million rows).

I'm not usually on the desktop of the computer but accessing via ssh.

However, I've seen already twice a windows asking for authentication for gvfsd-admin process. I grant it and then the window stays there forever.

What is going on?

Best Answer

  • Press Alt+F2, then in the resulting box type r and press the Enter key. This will temporarily resolve the issue by restarting the GUI desktop manager.

    The underlying cause or bug is not clear yet.