Ubuntu – 2 external monitors on laptop with single HDMI output and Ubuntu 16.04


I have Dell Inspiron 5548 laptop running Ubuntu 16.04. The laptop has one HDMI port and no VGA port. I would like to use 2 external screens (plus the laptop screen). Can you recommend an USB video card/adapter or an alternative solution that is compatible with Ubuntu 16.04?

Thank you.

Best Answer

I found this one that seems to work on an Ubuntu 16 with a single HDMI: StarTech.com USB32HD2 USB to Dual HDMI Adapter. There is at least one purchase stating that it has: "... tested the 4K (USB32HD4K) using the DisplayLink driver found at http://www.displaylink.com/downloads/ubuntu with Ubuntu 16 and it worked like a charm."

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