Ubuntu – 20.04 – fixing recursive fault but reboot is needed


it's just a week that I upgrade to ubuntu 20.04 ( I was in 19.10 before).

I think I have a problem with the graphic card ( see this)

Today I found a new error when I restart the system. It seems that it occurs in the old version of Ubuntu, I have no found related question with the new version.

What could i do to solve this problem?

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  • There are many posts out there with similar questions. I recall once having a problem (possibly the same) and solving with a change in GRUB:

    Edit the default boot line (GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT) in /etc/default/grub, adding acpi=off nomodeset xforcevesa. Then

    $ sudo update-grub
    $ sudo shutdown -r

    Possibly related:

    https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/412075/fixing-recursive-fault-but-reboot-is-needed-on-x3850-x6-sles12 (emulex card driver upgrade is posted as the solution)

    Error "fixing recursive fault but reboot is needed"

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