Ubuntu – 20.04 upgrade makes NAS unavailble


I have been running 16.04 for four years and opted to upgrade to 20.04.

I have two Buffalo Linkstation NAS devices that I've been using for years without too much difficulty. However after this upgrade, the network shares are completely unavailable to me.

I've tried the suggestions in, e.g., Can't acces NAS anymore after upgrading to 20.04 and had no luck. So far, this is my course of action:

  1. Perform a clean install (not an upgrade) of Windows 10 on the box.
  2. Perform a clean install (not an upgrade) of Ubuntu 20.04, creating a dual-boot system.
  3. Update /etc/fstab with the following, copied and pasted from the fstab file in my 16.04 environment:

    // /mnt/FileServer cifs username=guest,uid=1000 0 0

  4. Install Samba: sudo apt-get install samba
  5. Update smb.conf file with client min protocol = NT1
  6. Restart samba: sudo service smbd restart
  7. sudo mount -a

I get this error:

mount: /media/FileServer: special device // does not exist.

I have also tried setting the minimum protocol to CORE with no luck.
I cannot find any way to affect the samba version on my Buffalo Linkstation NAS devices. Can someone please suggest something else to try?


Best Answer

  • CIFS is Linux kernel based and knows nothing about smb.conf so making changes there will have no affect on a cifs mount.

    I'm going to assume the NAS is running only SMB1 so you will need to specity that in your fstab declaration by adding vers=1.0 to your list of options:

    // /mnt/FileServer cifs username=guest,uid=1000,vers=1.0 0 0

    You will probably need to add another option to change the defalt security mode that SMB1 had in those days: sec=ntlm So the line becomes:

    // /mnt/FileServer cifs username=guest,uid=1000,vers=1.0,sec=ntlm 0 0

    EDIT: Reason for adding vers comes from man mount.cifs for the vers option: The default since v4.13.5 is for the client and server to negotiate the highest possible version greater than or equal to 2.1. In kernels prior to v4.13, the default was 1.0. For kernels between v4.13 and v4.13.5 the default is 3.0.

    The Linux kernel in Ubuntu 16.04 was accessing the NAS using vers=1.0. Now it's trying to access it between 2.1 and 3. Adding vers=1.0 overrides the default.

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