Ubuntu – A command for KDE short date format


By the command


the time and date of the system (according to local place) is printed. Is there a command that outputs Kde's short date format in terminal?

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The date in KDE also depends on a calender:

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Best Answer

You can use date for that anyway:

date '+%A, %Y/%m/%d'

which will currently output

Friday, 2013/12/20

Just run date --help to find out more...smiley

For calendar specific, or at least locale specific, specific date names, try exporting the locale - e.g. this one:

export LC_TIME=am_ET.UTF-8

and then run the command again:

ዓርብ, 2013/12/20

You can list the locales with locale -a - more on that here.

This bit is based on a lot of guessing...