Ubuntu – Access to network files under \\directory


I was doing Start – Run – '\\myfiles' under Windows XP and had access to some file directories over my network.

I dont know how to do the same thing under Ubuntu.

Best Answer

  • Use smb:// instead of \\ in the nautilus address line.

    You can specifiy a username and a password, too. Like that: smb://username:password@hostname/. If you don't, nautilus will automatically ask you for it.

    You can use all other supported protocols in the same way:

    • smb://username:password@hostname/ for Samba
    • ftp://username:password@hostname/ for FTP
    • sftp://username:password@hostname/ for FTP over SSH (also ssh:// )
    • dav://username:password@hostname/for WebDAV
    • davs://username:password@hostname/ for encrypted WebDAV
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