Ubuntu – Add a Snap Icon to the Desktop Ubuntu 16.04


How do I add a snap application (Notes) icon to the desktop?

The normal method of usr/shared/applications does not work for a snap application.
I have looked in the snap folder and could not find anything useful.

Best Answer

  • Currently .desktops for snaps are located in /var/lib/snapd/desktop/applications

    One can copy them out for use as a Desktop or in the case of Unity when running the snap just pin the icon that shows up in the launcher.

    As far as snap icons in the unity launcher - atm if the snap has a .deb equivilant installed (vlc is one example) then the snap will use the .deb's icon. (improper behavior)

    In those cases a new .desktop for the snap should be created in ~/.local/share/applications & on the Exec= line use a full path to the snap binary, this will differentiate the .desktop