Ubuntu – Add manually installed application to ‘Show Applications’ grid in Ubuntu 18.04


I have manually (from command line) installed a software on my Ubuntu 18.04. How do I add it to the "show applications" grid?

Best Answer

  • You can do that by creating a launcher for the application (.desktop file) in your ~/.local/share/applications directory.

    First create an empty text file, name it something like <application-name>.desktop, and add the following lines to it

    [Desktop Entry]
    Name=Application Name
    Comment=A short description of the application

    Then save the file. If it doesn't appear in 'Show Applications' grid straightaway, log out and login again.

    You can do the same by using GUI applications, for example 'Main Menu' (aka alacarte). Install it by running the following command in Terminal

    sudo apt-get install alacarte