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Is it possible configure the synaptic inertial scrolling in a way so it is disrupted when any key is pressed on the keyboard?

To explain this question: I often use shortcuts. Now when I am for example browsing the Web and scroll back to the top of a website using inertial scrolling, I zoom the site like crazy if I try to open a new tab with Ctrl+T because the browser only detects Ctrl+scrolling.

This happens in a lot of applications and is really annoying. I used to like inertial scrolling but as long as this problem persists, I have to disable it.

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  • I am afraid this has already been discussed on Xorg and is marked as "Resolved Fixed" but won't be fixed since Xorg won't realize when you press Ctrl and inertial scrolling is still in place. (See Peter Hutterer's comment and its analogy with Ctrl).

    So at least until we have Unity 8(when Xorg is replaced with Mir and hopefully we see this as really resolved), we can only have a wordaround rather than a perfect fix or completely disabling inertial scrolling.

    One of the fixes I would recommend is to disable Ctrl+scrolling feature in the application itself. This sure is an unclean solution since the problem is still in place but only the effect is removed and you would have to do this for whatever application you most frequently use inertial scrolling.

    For disabling Ctrl+scrolling feature in Firefox, type about:config in the address bar and then click on "I'll be careful, I promise!" Now, in the search bar, type mousewheel.with_control.action and double click on the first result and set its value to 1, which would only scroll contents instead of zooming. You can set its value to the following values with the corresponding effects:

    • 0 (disabled)
    • 1 (scroll contents)
    • 2 (go back/forward in your history)
    • 3 (default, zoom in/out)

    I'll update the answer if I am able to find a cleaner, better solution.

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