Ubuntu – After upgrading to Ubuntu 14.04, the shortcuts keys and media keys no longer work


I just upgraded from 13.10 to 14.04 (GNOME interface) and none of the shortcut key combinations or Fn+F(#) controls seem to be working any more (not even the default ones, like Ctrl+Alt+T for terminal). Additionally, I have an HP wireless keyboard with extra media control and volume toggle buttons. These no longer function either. Going to Settings->Keyboard->Shortcuts and attempting manual changes doesn't work.

What changed in 14.04 to cause this? I never had any problems at all with Saucy! I didn't change my keyboard configuration or anything like that, and when I tested the keys with showkey they all worked, so something got lost with the keyboard mapping when the upgrade happened.

Best Answer

Killing unity-settings-daemon and running gnome-settings-daemon worked for me , or running:

gnome-settings-daemon --replace

But it's not a persistent solution. It affects all keyboard shortcuts set via
SystemSettings...→Keyboard→Shortcuts. Running Ubuntu 14.04.

(also maybe interesting: some shortcuts that were set before updating from 13.04 to 14.04 still worked, but as soon as I reassign them in the System Settings, they stop working with unity-settings-daemon)