Ubuntu – Alsamixer: howto disable auto-mute mode


I've tried do undo this but not able to get it disabled. My sound settings need to be redone every boot up as well, but asking that question as well would get neg. feedback.

How to get microphone to work on acer aspire one 722

Best Answer

    1. Open a terminal
    2. Run alsamixer (pictured in original question)
    3. Use left/right arrow keys to select "Auto Mut"
    4. Use up/down arrow keys to Disable Auto Mute
    5. ESC exits

    https://superuser.com/questions/431079/how-to-disable-auto-mute-mode http://www.tutonics.com/2012/10/fix-no-sound-turn-off-auto-mute-in.html

    To save settings try sudo alsactl store (untested)

    Howto save AlsaMixer settings?

    This fixed my sound problems with Ubuntu 12.10 on a ThinkPad x230

    alsa version : cat /proc/asound/version

    Advanced Linux Sound Architecture Driver Version 1.0.25