Ubuntu – Alternative to Little-Snitch app-firewall


I'm trying out Ubuntu. Been a Mac user. I like ubuntu a lot but I'm uncomfortable not having an app-firewall that reports what connections are being made to the internet. I find it unnerving to not have any control over what can & cannot connect to the internet.

Little Snitch works great on the Mac for this purpose. Is there anything comparable on Ubuntu? The default UFW firewall cannot stop apps from connecting so is pretty useless.

Best Answer

Linux application firewalls have not yet caught on and there have been various third party projects that come and go over the years.

Currently the best, IMO, is Leopard Flower

enter image description here

There are detailed instructions on how to install Leopard Flower here

Note: It was written for Ubuntu 10.10

Install dependencies (python-qt4 is for the graphical front end)

sudo apt-get install iptables libnetfilter-queue libnetfilter-conntrack python-qt4

Download the zip file from http://sourceforge.net/projects/leopardflower/files/latest/download

Extract the zip file

This will extract a directory, lpfw

Open a terminal and cd into the directory (Assuming it is in ~/Downloads)

cd ~/Downloads/lpfw

Run the program

sudo ./lpfw

See the above link for more detailed instructions as well as more advanced configuration.