Ubuntu – Alternatives to Cheese


I am running Ubuntu GNOME 15.04 and I find Cheese very basic, are there any alternatives (I have already read this Anything better than Cheese for video capture?, however that is only really on video recording, and I would like a balance)?

Specifically, I would like an application which can:

  • Record from the webcam
  • Take pictures
  • Record audio
  • Take screencasts (audio recording included in that as well)

Is there a program that can do all this?

Best Answer

  • Camorama:

    Camorama is a small utility to view and save images from a webcam or any other Video4Linux device.

    To install from Software Center click here

    To install from terminal: (Ctrl+Alt+T)

    sudo apt-get install camorama

    enter image description here

    Alternatively, you may also use Vokoscreen (screenshots included on GitHub page).


    You can Install from Software Centre (Or) from terminal.

    To install run:

    sudo apt-get install vokoscreen