Ubuntu – Am I getting Mount Error (121), Remote I/O Error


I followed the instructions on this web page to setup a shared folder on a Windows 7 computer so I could access it on a computer running Ubuntu 16.04.1.

After setting it up, I pasted the mount command into the terminal on the Ubuntu machine and pressed enter. I got the following error. I am a new Ubuntu user and I have no idea what is causing this error. Any help with this will be greatly appreciated!!

howard@howard-AY639AA-ABA-CQ5302F:~$ sudo mount.cifs //fx4130server/linux_share /home/howard/Desktop/Windows-Share -o user=howard
[sudo] password for howard: 
Password for howard@//fx4130server/linux_share:  ******
mount error(121): Remote I/O error
Refer to the mount.cifs(8) manual page (e.g. man mount.cifs)

I can connect to the folder on other computers running Windows on my network with no problems.

Best Answer

  • Try adding vers=2.1 in your option string:

    sudo mount.cifs //fx4130server/linux_share /home/howard/Desktop/Windows-Share -o user=howard,vers=2.1
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