Ubuntu – Anthy Japanese is using Japanese keyboard layout. How to use US


I have added Japanese (Anthy) as an input source, but when I type with it selected, the characters that appear are hiragana which correspond to Japanese keyboard (not US keyboard). For instance, when I hit the a key, I expect to get あ, but instead I get ち, because on a Japanese keyboard, the a key is also the key.

However, I have selected us keyboard in my IBus-Anthy settings. (See screenshot.) What do I need to change?

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    I prefer fcitx-mozc than iBus-Anthy.
    Because it's efficient when I type Japanese, it suggests with its prediction.
    E.g. When I type 'きょ' and it shows a panel with the word list
    such as 今日 教科 教室 強化 and I select one of them by
    Tab and PgDn/Up or a mouse click.