Ubuntu – Anti Censorship software


I live in China and daily I have to face the great firewall pain 🙁

On Windows/Mac/Android there are many VPN and other services but on Linux there are only a few that I know of.

Right now I am using these ones:

  • Tor (here works only with obfs3 bridges)
  • Lantern
  • XX-Net
  • ShadowSocks (you ll need a server address or configure your own server)

Usually the above programs set up a local proxy so
SwitchyOmega is to me the best way to switch between them.


It is easy to configure a server/client, if you don't have a server 'outside the firewall' one option is to
configure a Shadowssocks server on Amazon AWS: for one year amazon give you a server for free (but they will charge some small fees if you exceed the monthly data traffic).
With AWS the only issue is that you'll have to change the IP in your client configuration every time you restart the server:
you can workaround this programmaticaly with aws-cli I have shared a bash script here


There is an experimental version for linux but it does not work for me in China. ( the phone app works so you can use the below method to route your traffic to the pc )

Route your Android VPN to your pc

if your Android VPN is able to route all your phone traffic, You can create SSH tunnel to your phone (see)

Do you know any other software?

Best Answer

Opera browser has free vpn function. Opera don't presents in official ubuntu repository but could easily downloaded from official web site www.opera.com In Security section of settings select VPN. In address bar of browser you can use vpn location selector.