Ubuntu – Any way to change the default folder icon


I've tried 'assogiate' but contains only about the file types, no folder option is available.I don't want to install any theme or change folder icon individually.

My bad, didn't include at first: I want to add icon of my choice.

Any Help is Appreciated !

Best Answer

  • To Change The Default Folder Icon

    1. Right click on the folder whose default icon you want to change.

    2. Choose(click on) Properties.

      you will get the 'change-icon-Properties window' similliar to the one below in the image.

      change-icon-properties window

    3. Click on the default folder icon

      It is the icon in the top left corner of your 'change-icon-Properties window'.

      icon position

      You should click on this icon

      default folder-icon

      4.This should open up your file browser asking you to select your custom icon.

      Browse to your desired image and double click on it.

      That's it!!

      Should you still have any difficulty following the instructions please refer to this youtube video