Ubuntu – Anydesk on Ubuntu does not save Unattended Access Security Setting

19.10anydeskremote access

I tried to enable unattended access by:

  1. Run Anydesk as root user: sudo anydesk
  2. Go to Settings -> Security
  3. Check Enable unattended access checkbox
  4. Set password and click OK button
    Anydesk unattended access password setting

But after OK button clicking Unattended Access settings have not been changed:

Anydesk settings after OK button clicking

Also, connecting to this PC remotely shows a message that connection should be accepted on the other side.

Is there another way I could configure unattended access in ubuntu?

Best Answer

    1. I've edited anydesk config file:

      sudo vi /etc/anydesk/system.conf

      changing value of one of its parameters from 0 to 1:


    2. Opened Anydesk by unprivileged user

    3. Enabled unattended access and set password

    As a result, it became enabled:

    Enabled unattended access picture

    Updated: In current Anydesk 5.5.5 version run in terminal:

    $ anydesk-global-settings

    Then enter your current user password and set Unattended access. Now it saves it.

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