Ubuntu – ATI graphics card, with gnome shell, screen flickers


After installing gnome shell, without any problem, after log in the fonts are missing and it looks like crap…nothing is readable.

Don't want to make it a double post, because my issue is similar to the one from this question but for me the problems have not been solved properly.
After running the commands from that post, and installing the latest AMD 11.10 driver, the Gnome shell display issues have been solved. But each time I move the mouse in the upper left corner, to bring up the applications…my entire screen flickers. Without the applications been displayed, everything looks fine.

ATI HD4870, Intel Q6600.

Best Answer

  • The last AMD drivers (11.10) still has problems like screen flicker but you can reduce the screen flicker active the Desktop Free of Fragmentation in the Catalysm but may cause other errors and the system feels slower, to run Gnome-shell without problems install the open source drivers. check this ATI - Ubuntu Oneiric Installation Guide, install/unistall/remove, etc... open source drivers or privative drivers

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