Ubuntu – Audio Stutter in in ubuntu 12.04


After upgrading to precise my audio is stuttering. It is happening, in VLC, mplayer, and anything streaming from the internet. I followed the procedures in https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshootingProcedure but nothing has helped so far. There is the problem that the driver version is out of date but it does not seem to want to update with the given commands.

$ bash alsa-info.sh --stdout |grep version
Driver version:     1.0.24
Library version:    1.0.25
Utilities version:  1.0.25

How can I upgrade the driver and fix the stuttering?

Best Answer

  • Once it stutters I always got rid of this problem by killing/restarting pulseaudio.

    1. sudo killall pulseaudio
    2. sudo pulseaudio --system=1 --daemonize
    3. Close and re-open chromium
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