Ubuntu – Automatic screen lock not working Ubuntu 20.04


From Settings -> Privacy, I got

  • Automatic Screen lock -> turned on
  • Lock Screen on Suspend -> turned on

None of them locks my screen. But the manual lock option works fine. (I did get some error message about Auto-lock while installation)

Any thoughts on how to fix it? And I'm using lightdm instead of gnome-gdm3

Best Answer

  • Screen lock is disabled by default with lightdm on Ubuntu 18+ due security issues.

    check more here:

    You can check you display manager with: sudo systemctl status display-manager

    If you still want to lock your screen with lightdm - you can use dm-tool lock. Also you can add it to keyboard shortcut as command (e.g. Super+L).

    Switching to gdm3 helped: sudo dpkg-reconfigure gdm3

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