Ubuntu – Backup torrents for clean install


Tomorrow I'm going to do a clean install of Ubuntu 12.10, since I've been playing with some internals and now my system is quite messy. Everything is prepared, my files backed up and I've already made a list with the programs I'm going to need, etc. But there's still one thing missing: my torrents.

I use Transmission and, like everyone should, I like to keep my seeding my files after download. I've set Transmission to delete the .torrent files after I start to download. I actually don't know if the torrents' data is stored at the home directory or not.

1) Is it stored on the home folder? (If it is, it's not going to be a problem since I use a separate partition for the home folder)

2) If it's not, is there a way to backup the torrents' info, so I can continue seeding after my clean install?

Best Answer

  • Active torrents should be in .config/transmission/torrents inside your home folder. Since you have /home on a seprate partition, no backup is needed.

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