Ubuntu – Backups to google drive failing with RedirectMissingLocation error


Trying to set up an initial backup in Ubuntu 18.04 on google drive with a deja-dup installed as follows due to a known authentication error:

snap install deja-dup –classic –beta

The backup fails at the very end with the following error:

screenshot error

Backup Failed

Giving up after 5 attempts. RedirectMissingLocation: Redirected but the response is missing a Location:header

It sounds like the error reported here, caused by a broken httplib2 version 0.15.0, however my httplib2 version is 0.9.2 according to apt and pip3.

edit: updated httplib2 to 0.17.0 through pip3, but to no avail. Backup still fails at the very end after running for several hours and uploading 80GB onto google drive.

edit2: installed google-auth-httplib2 through pip3 and restarted laptop, but to no avail either.

edit3: installed google-auth-httplib2 through pip and restarted laptop, but again to no avail. Is there a way to check which httlplib2 Backup is using and to get some debug output?

Best Answer

  • There was a bug with httplib2, the developers released a hotfix for it. See here

    As you have the snap version, it doesn't make a difference what dependencies you have installed, all dependencies are resolved in the Snap.

    As such the accepted solution is wrong, their instructions will only affect users who do have deja-dup installed from the apt repository.

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