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I have a server which receives a file per client each day into a directory. The filenames are constructed as follows:


For example:

  • uuid is a standard format uuid.
  • datestring is the output from date +%Y%m%d.
  • other-data is variable in length but will never contain an underscore.

I have a file of the format:

d6f60016-0011-49c4-8fca-e2b3496ad5a7    client1
d5873483-5b98-4895-ab09-9891d80a13da    client2
be0ed6a6-e73a-4f33-b755-47226ff22401    another_client

I need to check that every uuid listed in the file has a corresponding file in the directory, using bash.

I've got this far, but feel like I'm coming from the wrong direction by using an if statement, and that I need to loop through the files in the source directory.

The source_directory and uuid_list variables have been assigned earlier in the script:

# Check the entries in the file list

while read -r uuid name; do
# Ignore comment lines
   [[ $uuid = \#* ]] && continue
   if [[ -f "${source_directory}/${uuid}*" ]]
      echo "File for ${name} has arrived"
      echo "PANIC! - No File for ${name}"
done < "${uuid_list}"

How should I check that the files in my list exist in the directory? I'd like to use bash functionality as far as possible, but am not against using commands if need be.

Best Answer

Walk over the files, create an associative array over the uuids contained in their names (I used parameter expansion to extract the uuid). The, read the list, check the associative array for each uuid and report whether the file was recorded or not.


declare -A file_for
for file in *_*_* ; do

while read -r uuid name ; do
    [[ $uuid = \#* ]] && continue
    if [[ ${file_for[$uuid]} ]] ; then
        echo "File for $name has arrived."
        echo "File for $name missing!"
done < "$uuid_list"
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