Ubuntu – Battle.net complete white screen


My battle.net shows a complete white screen, so I'm not able to do anything with it. I have Ubuntu, an AMD GPU and an i3 CPU.

When starting battle.net from the command line, I'm getting following error message:

err:d3d:load_numbered_arrays >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> GL_INVALID_OPERATION (0x502) from Loading numbered arrays @ state.c /


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  • This problem has been reported originally on WINEDB app site of Bugzilla with bug 37347. However, it later turned out that the culprit was described here. Then finally a open bounty was placed on this most unnerving problem. The problem was indeed solved and put into Master.

    Thank the happy people of the Linux community who did find a solution. It's a tricky one, so do not get discouraged. I had an immense amount of trouble at first.

    First off you will need several tools to get the job done.
    First off is the nicely made package call Autotools. There is a list needed for dependencies required to compile Mesa and Install it:

    Python 2.6 or later

    Python mako module .7.3 or later

    dri2proto 2.6 or later

    LibDRM 2.4.33 or later

    Other dependencies required in building can be installed using the apt command in the terminal python-dev (in case you need the development headers, if not, nothing is needed), python-mako x11proto-dri2-dev libdrm-dev

    Extract using

    tar vxz ~$Whateverdiryourfilesarein/each one linked

    Install using ./configure and make commands

    For Autotools

    Simply open up a terminal and type

    sudo apt-get install autoconf
    sudo apt-get install autotools-dev
    sudo apt-get install automake

    At which point you will now be able to compile everything. So now, in the terminal type:

    tar xvzf ~$whateverfolderitsin/Mesa10.4

    ./autogen.sh --enable-dri

    once that is done, type:

    sudo make install

    Reboot the system and now everything should work. Autotools is a pain but will be well worth the time later on in life.

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