Ubuntu – Beginner’s Guide to Fluxbox


Gnome and KDE seem to be pretty straightforward and certainly seem to be the most user friendly in terms of getting setup and running quickly with anything the average user would want to do.

I am working on implementing Fluxbox on my current install of Ubuntu 10.04 and keep running into gotcha's that require a lot of time to research and then configure. In light of my experiences with Fluxbox, I'm posting a list of questions (much in the spirit of this question from stackoverflow.

Please list one answer per bullet item and then edit the question so that the link goes directly to the answer. And if you think of anything missing, please add it and then post your answer.

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How to configure my keyboard shortcuts?

To create keyboard shortcuts, edit your ~/.fluxbox/keys file with a text editor.

For details on the format of this file, see man fluxbox-keys.