Ubuntu – Binding the meta key (a.k.a. super key / Windows key) to left click


How can I bind the meta key (a.k.a. super key / Windows key) to a left click? Hitting the meta key should trigger a left click, and pressing down on it should allow me to drag and drop (just like it would do when holding down left click).

I tried using System Preferences -> Shortcuts and Gestures:

enter image description here

but I cannot set "meta" alone as being a shortcut.

I use Kubuntu 14.10 Plasma 4 and Kubuntu 14.04 LTS x64.

(On Windows 7 SP1 x64 Ultimate I can achieve that using the program SmartNav.)

Best Answer

You can use xdotool + xbindkeys

  1. insall xdotool and xbindkeys

    sudo apt-get install xdotool xbindkeys
  2. generate the default configuration file for xbindkeys

    xbindkeys --defaults > ~/.xbindkeysrc
  3. open ~/.xbindkeysrc with some text editor

    kate ~/.xbindkeysrc
  4. add these lines in the end of the file

    "xdotool mousedown 1"
    "xdotool mouseup 1"
        Super_L + Release

    this will make the left 'windows/super/meta' button act like the left mouse button . for me the releasing thing didn't work specifically with the super button , but it worked with other buttons (I actually used KP_Delete which is the del/. button in the numpad, instead of using Super_L ), but I think this may be a hardware related issue.

  5. save the file and close the editor.

  6. start (or restart) xbindkeys

    sudo killall xbindkeys && xbindkeys