Ubuntu – Black screen after instalation of KDE Desktop


I am using Ubuntu 12.04. I have installed KDE-plasma-netbook for testing, but when i have selected that session from login screen, i hear the login sound but i got nothing on the desktop (screen). It's completely empty blank screen. Help me to solve this.

EDIT: Here we go! i can get ALT+F2 launcher and i can launch dolphin or any application but my desktop is look like the image i am attaching now .enter image description here

Any Help appreciated ,:)

Best Answer

  • Had the same problem, but didn't want plasma-desktop as I'm installing on a cutdown netbook. Eventually found

    Alt+F2 then type plasma-netbook

    to get the interface. Looked in System Settings > Startup and Shutdown and noticed that the "plasma-netbook" entry had a "--desktop" option. I disabled it and created an entry with just the "plasma-netbook" command. The system now works without having to have installed the "kde-plasma-desktop" package.

    Hope that helps

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