Ubuntu – Bluetooth bluez and blueman-applet Xubuntu 18.04


I have a basic and fully updated install of Xubuntu 18.04, and bluetooth doesn't work properly. If I try to turn it off in the xfce panel (blueman-applet), nothing happens. If I exit the applet, it of course disappears from the Panel tray but then I am unable to restart bluetooth. (Error: Bluez daemon is not running, blueman-manager cannot continue.)

I have searched here and on SO, tried every suggestion on this thread, but none of them seems to have any effect: https://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-1174624.html

For example, when disabled, if I sudo service bluetooth start, nothing happens. if I sudo bluetoothd, the terminal stops responding and sometimes (but not usually) the bluetooth applet icon returns to the panel tray.

I rarely use bluetooth, so disabling it is an option, but basic functionality would be nice (i.e. the ability to turn bluetooth off/on).

Any suggestions?

Best Answer

I ran into this problem and fixed it by reinstalling all my bluetooth applications.

sudo apt install --reinstall blueman*
sudo apt install --reinstall bluez*
sudo /etc/init.d/bluetooth restart

It seems the audio and bluetooth systems on ubuntu/linux break every week or two for me, and very often the only solution involves reinstalling everything from scratch and restarting.