Ubuntu – Bluetooth not working in12.04 (Dell Inspiron 15R)


I am trying to get my Bluetooth working on Ubuntu 12.04 for my Dell Inspiron 15R Laptop.

I have tried installing Blueman, but yet Ubuntu is unable to access my Bluetooth Device.
Could anyone help me with installing the drivers and configuring the bluetooth.

Best Answer

I haven't seen much Bluetooth receivers lacking Linux support. However, there are other things to check here, I think.

  • First of all, check that your wireless devices are unlocked (no rfkill active).

    sudo rfkill list

    In case bluetooth is 'Soft blocked' you can unblock it:

    sudo rfkill unblock all

    In case bluetooth is 'Hard blocked', try to find a hardware switch on your laptop to unblock it.

  • Then, check your kernel messages for Bluetooth related stuff:

    dmesg | grep -i bluetooth
  • And does your Bluetooth driver expose an hci device?

    hcitool dev

    should list for example hci0.

  • Check your system BIOS that Bluetooth is enabled.

  • Is your Ubuntu kernel up to date (and did you reboot after that)?

  • Try installing the linux-firmware and linux-firmware-nonfree packages. Your device may require loading some proprietary firmware.