Ubuntu – Bogus message from automatic updates


When I ssh into my Ubuntu 18.04 box I get the motd

1 update could not be installed automatically

Which goes on to tell me to check the unattended-upgrades log.

The log shows no problems. How can I clear this bogus message?

Best Answer

  • OK, it wasn't bogus.

    Turns out the script


    produces this message at login.

    This script references


    which in turn looks at the contents of


    In my case this last file was non-blank because unattended-upgrades tried to update vino, which I have pinned to an old version on this Lubuntu box, because the latest version removes the options dialog.

    Deleting /var/lib/unattended-upgrades/kept-back made the message go away - but only till the next time unattended-upgrades ran.

    But there was nothing in the logs that it told me to reference about it!!

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