Ubuntu – Booting into Ubuntu after Fresh Install of Ubuntu 14.04 LTS ( No Dual Boot ) on Acer Aspire ES1-512


I have run Boot Repair on my machine and then rebooted my machine with my Live USB out.

From this point, I was first presented with a screen that said

1) "Shim UEFI Key Management" then was presented with

2) Boot Manager screen with two options: a) Unknown Device and b) Windows Boot Manager. Selected "Unknown Device" as option (b) did nothing.

3) After this, saw a GRUB ver 2.02 screen with the first option of *Ubuntu, which then eventually got me into Ubuntu.

The above sequence of steps occurs everytime I reboot my machine.

Why all these steps?

FYI, here is my boot-repair info: http://paste.ubuntu.com/10562192/

You will notice that on lines: 549, 741 and 776, I am getting the line:

Boot0000* Unknown Device:   HD(1,800,100000,aa8f4a18-e5fc-41ff-bb2d-826eab7312c9)File(EFIubuntushimx64.efi)RC

Would this be the reason I am getting the "Unknown Device" in my Boot Manager?


Best Answer

The "Shim UEFI Key Management" screen is probably MokManager, which manages Secure Boot keys used by the Shim program. Shim is a signed pre-GRUB boot loader whose job is to enable Linux to boot on a computer that uses Secure Boot. Secure Boot is a complex topic; see my page on the subject (or many other pages; Google to find a selection) for more details.

The fact that you're seeing the same MokManager screen pop up on every boot means that either you're not registering a key or your firmware is forgetting them. If you're able to get into Ubuntu without registering a key, then my suspicion is that you've got at least two Linux boot paths registered; one is failing and then the other is launching. If you do register a key, then as I said, your firmware is forgetting them.

Posting your Boot Repair pastebin file would be helpful, yes.

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