Ubuntu – BOOTMGR image is corrupt fault while dual booting Ubuntu and Windows7


I have Ubuntu Precise beta 2 and Windows7 set up to dual boot.

The set up had been perfect, until today, with a black screen presented when trying to boot Windows with a BOOTMGR image is corrupt, cannot boot fault.

Is there any way to fix this from Ubuntu, or is a reinstall my only option?

Best Answer

You can always rescue a broken Ubuntu boot by going back to your installation media. (Either a LiveCD or a LiveUSB). Booting up to that will place you in a working Ubuntu environment where you can attempt to fix whatever is preventing the system from booting.

There is a utility called Boot Info Script that will gather all the relevant info and save it to a text file. There is a walk through here. You can then copy this to pastebin or otherwise so we can tell you what you need to do to fix your boot.