Ubuntu – Breaking links with apache2 after SSL installation


I have installed my SSL and set up redirects but now some links are breaking

Example I'm getting https://fraffel.techadmin/ instead of https://fraffel.tech/admin. It's like the system is moving the forwardslash to the end, in the website files it is defined as https://fraffel.tech/admin

Any help extremely appreciated.

Best Answer

  • According to the examples, provided within the Apache's documentation, you should add a slash to the end of the target URL in the Redirect directive.

    <VirtualHost *:80>
        ServerName example.com
        # Redirect Requests to HTTPS
        Redirect permanent "/" "https://example.com/"
        # Other configuration directives for this VH ...

    Don't forget to restart Apache and flush the browser's cache to take effect.

    I know that, because I led you to this situation with my my previous answer, that is already corrected :)

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