Ubuntu – Built-in calculator to GNOME search window


Using Ubuntu 18.04.

On prior versions of Ubuntu GNOME, I could type basic expressions into the gnome search bar and get the answer. Ever since I upgraded to Ubuntu 18.04 however, I cannot; it shows no results.

No results

I've already found this answer but GNOME Calculator is already installed on my machine and still no luck. Any ideas?

The below answer used to work, but seems to no longer under Gnome 3.28.4. The best alternative I've found so far is to install this extension, but it is a poor substitute.

Best Answer

  • The pre-installed GNOME Calculator in Ubuntu 18.04 is a snap application which may lack some features provided by the traditional one due to restrictions of snap packages.

    Remove the snap application by running

    snap remove gnome-calculator

    and install the traditional apt one by running

    sudo apt install gnome-calculator

    You may need to to restart GNOME shell by hitting Alt+F2, then typing r and pressing Enter for it to take effect.

    Update: Version 1:3.28.2-1~ubuntu18.04.3 of the apt version of GNOME Calculator has stopped showing calculations in search results, refer to this bug report.