Ubuntu – Busy Cursor (Spinning Wait) Hangs


I'm running Ubuntu 13.04, and the problem is that sometimes the mouse pointer icon is stuck with the busy cursor (I can move it) or spinning wait. When this happens, if mouse cursor is on any window titles, The Unity Launcher and Panel, the cursor becomes busy. After a while, the problem simply goes.

I can't send a screenshot because it doesn't show up in the screenshot.

I face this problem when try to run some applications:

  • Ubuntu one
  • gksudo nautilus

Hardware Specifications:

  • Seagate Barracude 3.5" 7200RPM HDD
  • MSI Z77A-G43
  • Kingston HyperX 1600MHz DDR3 RAM 4GB
  • Core i5-2500k
  • My computer uses the Intel HD 3000 that is on i5-2500k

I don't use any other driver than the one that comes with Ubuntu 13.04

Here is a video that you can see the problem produced: https://www.dropbox.com/s/61rzeutdogog821/out-2.ogv

I can say that there is not considerable change regarding the consumption of system resources while the cursor is spinning.

Best Answer

This is definitely a problem I've noticed as well. I have a very fast computer with an SSD and no CPU was being used by the process giving the cursor. An empty gedit window would show the dang thing.

In fact this problem drove me so crazy, I decided to go with the "hackish" solution - get rid of the "thinking" cursor. I never needed it anyways.

The way to get rid of the "thinking" cursor without breaking anything is to simply replace it with the normal cursor image.

If you're using the default cursor theme DMZ-White, simply open a terminal (Ctrl-Alt-T) and run these commands:

cd /usr/share/icons/DMZ-White/cursors
sudo mv watch watch.old
sudo ln -s left_ptr watch
nohup unity --replace &

Restart if the problem still occurs.

Now, this doesn't technically fix the problem, but it definitely hides it out of annoyance.

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