Ubuntu – Can files/directories deleted with rm be restored


Is it possible to restore files/directories which are deleted from terminal using rm and rm -r?. If a file is deleted from graphical interface, it could be restored from trash, but how do you restore a file if it is removed using the rm utility?.

Best Answer

  • To this end I use trash-cli package and the following alias in my ~/.bashrc

    alias rm=trash

    And the trash-cli package can be installed by the followoing command: sudo apt-get install trash-cli.

    The files you remove will be moved to trash, and you can see them in nautilus trashcan.

    You can always access the real rm by using one of the following method:

    command rm something
    'rm' something
    \rm something

    There are also commands to access the trashcan from terminal, trash-list, restore-trash (or trash-restore), trash-empty installable from package trash-cli (then see their man pages).

    Last note, it is not advisable to use such an alias for super-user, because it can interfere with system operations.