Ubuntu – Can global application menu be made to behave better with GIMP


I actually like the global menu of Unity.

However, for GIMP, it's totally broken and terrible. Gimp uses multiple unassociated windows for its toolbars, and as soon as a toolbar gets focus the global menu disappears because the window the menu belongs to is not focused. So you have to switch focus back to the main image window. It's painful because you need to alternate between using toolbars and using the menu all the time, but every time you use the toolbars the menu disappears.

My question:

  • Is there any way to improve this behaviour in GIMP? Eg, by not having the toolbars as separate windows, or by setting compiz so it doesn't treat them as such?

  • Or failing that, how can I disable the global menu just for one application?

Using precise, with Gimp 2.6.12-1ubuntu1

Best Answer

If you want one particular application to not use the global menu you can set a little known (but very useful) environment variable: UBUNTU_MENUPROXY=0

Thus, the following entered in a terminal will start gimp with the global-menu disabled:


enter image description here

You'll note the global menu is disabled for Gimp - it's now with the main Gimp window.

As a suggestion, if you launch Gimp via a launcher icon, copy the /usr/share/applications/gimp.desktop file to your home folder ~/.local/share/applications (create if necessary).

Change the exec= value to a script file - for example /home/dad/launchgimp.sh

Copy and paste UBUNTU_MENUPROXY=0 gimp-2.6 into this new file and give it execute rights (chmod +x ~/launchgimp.sh)

Logout and login.