Ubuntu – Can I install 32-bit Ubuntu in a 64-bit host using VirtualBox


After countless problems trying to program NASM Assembly in a 64-bit Ubuntu install in VirtualBox, I figured I'd just go to 32-bit programming for now.

I'm no expert – can I install 32-bit Ubuntu in VirtualBox, where the host is 64-bit?

Best Answer

  • Yes, you can install a 32-bit Ubuntu virtual system in a 64-bit host.

    To do this, follow these steps:

    1. Install VirtualBox from the Ubuntu Software Center.
    2. Download the desired Ubuntu ISO file (32-bit in your case from the Ubuntu page).
    3. Create a new machine from the File → New menu.
    4. Make sure that you select the "Ubuntu" OS (instead of "Ubuntu (64-bit)").
    5. Setup your other options.
    6. Launch the virtual machine and install Ubuntu (select the downloaded ISO file when prompted for a CD or DVD media).
    7. After installing Ubuntu and "rebooting", install the VirtualBox drivers.
    8. Setup the new installation as desired.

    I hope that this will help you solve your problem.

    Edit: I found a video on YouTube that explains how to install Ubuntu on VirtualBox (in case that you did not use VirtualBox before).

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