Ubuntu – Can I leave GParted on a system after installation


Is it possible to leave Gparted on the system after installation, seeing as it is already on the LiveUSB? As a related question, why is it removed from the final system in the first place?

Best Answer

As user320 explained, you can install GParted through the Software Center or sudo apt-get install gparted. As for your second question, I believe the reason why GParted is not a part of the final installation is because Canonical decided to go with Disk Utility, which is a lighter version of GParted. The idea is to give the end user direct and clear access to simple but effective utilities; providing them with power tools from the get go can be confusing and maybe even dangerous. Power users, on the other hand, can find those power tools on their own.

It's basically the same rationale that made them let go of Synaptic in favor of a more pumped-up Software Center. Back in the day, both Synaptic and GParted were default applications.