Ubuntu – Can I rearrange the messaging menu list


This is my current messaging menu layout in Ubuntu 12.10:

My Messaging Menu Layout

I was wondering is there a way to change the list? I would rather have Thunderbird moved to the bottom. I tried uninstalling Thunderbird, which removed it from the list, but when I reinstalled it Thunderbird went back into that position. It seems the layout is set as you set-up the applications the first time which made me think there is something somewhere which defines how they are ordered in the list.

Any help would be great!

Best Answer

Well, I found an easy way.

Open Dconf Editor, go to com > canonical > indicator > messages. You can change the order of applications there or even remove something.

Re-arrange messaging menu

Then, you should restart unity to changes take effect. So simply logout and login again, or press Alt+F2 and run unity --replace. The result is this:

Re-arrange messagin menu - result

Notice: If you disable all the online accounts associated with Empathy, the settings will be reset to the previous state; so to keep current arrangement, always keep at least one account enabled.