Ubuntu – Can I run Ubuntu/Kubuntu on a Blade server with no graphics card?


On ebay there are some $100 hp and dell blade server units that I've seen in action in data center tours. My question is, would a single one with 32gb ram, 4 intel xeon 3ghz processors and NO graphics card be able to run ubuntu? And would ubuntu be able to actually use the entire system? I won't be using it for "big data" per se, but I am thinking of compiling my own custom android builds and building/compiling my own custom build of ubuntu (kind of just for the fun of it, maybe a little for the fact that I'll be able to show off computer prowess). Also, I want to know if a full desktop environment would even run right due to the lack of a graphics card. I might be able to get a graphics card, but if I can avoid it I will at all costs (except for if it exceeds the price of a card).

Best Answer

It will run, but it is hard to install any os without a graphics card for use during the installation.

It can be done so long as you boot an ubuntu image with ssh-server installed.

See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/OverSSH

If you are not running X, IMO, it is pointless to run a desktop, just do a minimal install or perhaps a server install.

You can get a Linux compatible graphics card for cheap, certainly does not need to be the latest greatest of cards. Perhaps you could pull one from most any other box just for the install.

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