Ubuntu – Can I use the Logitech Touch Mouse M600


Can I use the Logitech Touch Mouse M600 with Ubuntu?

Logitech Touch Mouse M600

Specifically, will the swipe and scroll capabilities work? If not, can I still use it as a normal two-button mouse?

I do not want speculative answers. Please cite a case in which this has actually been tested.

Best Answer

  • Just bought the M600. It works out of the box. I also manage to pair it (using windows) with a unify receiver I was already using for the Keyboard. After pairing in windows, they both continue to work on Ubuntu without any additional effort. IS the receiver to be paired, not anything on the OS. The scroll works but swipe does not seem to work. I did not make any tentative. There is not middle-button, this is a device issue, not an OS specific one. Without middle button you cannot use ALT-MiddleButton combo to resize windows. I'm using it on Precise, 12.04. Never tried on 11.10 ora any other distro.