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I have a laptop on which I had Windows 7 installed on. Later I installed Ubuntu 11.10 on a new partition (sda7).

Somehow it magically moved to sda6 and the grub loader freaked out. Then I booted with my live cd of Ubuntu and downloaded ubuntus own boot-repair and ran the recomended program. When I now restarted I could boot into Ubuntu but not Windows, it just says:
unknown filesystem

Edit I trind to run the Ubuntu live cd and install it and I no longer get the option where it asks if I want to install Ubuntu alongside Windows. It says that no other operativesystem wap found. But if I mount C and My other partitions, all files is still there.

More info here http://paste.ubuntu.com/716521/

I managed to get my computer to recognize Windows 7 again and I updated grub via boot-repair and there it is on the boot menu. Now the only problem is that when I trying too boot it, it says: "Unknow filesystem" and then the grub resque thing.


Am I on the right path?

Best Answer

Rescatux is often useful is situations like these!

It can restore a botched Windows MBR in a heartbeat.

After that's done, you need to be able to load Windows from Grub.

To do so, just boot into the Ubuntu Live CD and run a few commands.

First, identify which is the Ubuntu partition:

sudo fdisk -l

Next, mount it (replacing sda2 with the appropriate partition number):

sudo mount /dev/sda2 /mnt

And finally, reinstall Grub (replacing sda with the appropriate hard drive):

sudo grub-install --root-directory=/mnt /dev/sda

Now, reboot, and run this:

sudo update-grub

This should detect your Windows installation and add it to the Grub menu.

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